About Goldendragoness: sorry bout not being on latly, been real busy, so its gonna be few and far between of me coming on, so sorry ^^' Im a hyper herm ^^ sorry if i dont respond, might be a bit busy ^^' *this ish my rp* name: Aurenn species: Golden Dragoness age: 21 gender: herm body type: well toned height: 8 feet weight: not telling ^^ breast size: she has four big 49 inch breasts (44H) with rings going through each nipple, and the size deppends on her lactation state cock size: 2 feet 1 inch (it usualy stays in its sheeth till it get hard and it comes out, and under her large ballsack is her pussy) sexual preferance: anything with a hole or cock is good likes: sex, elegance, glamore, perfumes and hygiene, jewelry, motorbikes, friends, teasing and suducing, chinese food dislikes: bully people or anyone who doesnt go easy on her, loose clothing, apple flavored condoms, getting up early, lightening deffences: i have sharp claws and teeth.....oh, and i breath fire WARNING: ONE CUMMING IS ENOUGH TO GIVE YOU A INCH THINK COAT OVER YOUR BODY *colors* body: gold body (center): light gold lips/make up: black and pink claws/toenails: dark pink (can very) flesh (nipple, tongue, cock, femsex): darkish pink earfins: grey eyes: light blue hair: gold (a little bit lighter yellow than her body) hairband: lightish purpel